Landfall Builder Mark Johnson Custom Homes has built one of the most energy efficient homes in Wilmington, NC. But energy efficiency alone will not optimize your utility savings. It takes changes in your lifestyle to save the most on your home’s utilities. A new device, The Energy Detective, will help drive your behavior to do simple things such as turning off lights when not in use and doing your laundry in the evening. TED, an intuitive, real-time, accurate electricity monitor screens your energy usage and presents the information to you in a simple, easy-to-understand format. We are currently using The Energy Detective at our LEED registered Green home in Landfall. Invest in one for your home to save money and time!

TED-the-energy-detectiveTED (The Energy Detective) is a simple, yet extremely accurate, home energy monitor that allows you to see electricity usage in real-time. You no longer have to wait for the ‘electricity bill surprise’! TED will accurately tell you what your bill is going to be long before the electric bill arrives. Meanwhile, you will learn more about conserving energy, saving money, and helping save the environment.

With its patented solution to home energy management, TED quantifies electricity and displays the results on its easy-to-read LCD screen. Unlike some complicated electricity conservation systems, TED is a simple, intuitive and affordable way to monitor and manage your entire home’s energy consumption. Think of it as your home’s speedometer.

With its two-second reaction time, TED provides immediate feedback on energy usage. For you, that means no surprises. You can see what you’re spending on electricity each second, as well as what you’ve spent so far today or so far this month.

For a more comprehensive look at your electricity usage, and to really ‘see’ where you may be wasting electricity (AND MONEY) check out “TED Footprints“… dynamic software that allows you to log your electricity usage on your PC for graphing, charting, seeing trends, load-profiling and much more! And with the help of TED, you’re not only able to better manage your own dollars, you are also helping your neighbors, your community, and the environment through energy conservation.


For more information, visit their site!

The Energy Detective was installed by Electronics 2 You of Wilmington, NC, one of Coastal Carolina’s finest home audio establishments.

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