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Wilmington, NC November 17, 2009 — The Concrete Producer and Concrete Construction magazines selected projects in eight categories for its Second Annual GreenSite Awards. All winning projects best exemplify the concrete production industry’s contribution to sustainable construction. Among the award winners were Southeastern NC custom home builder Mark Johnson Custom Homes for The Primrose at Landfall, their Energy Star and LEED Platinum Certified home in Wilmington, NC. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) projects are overseen by the U.S. Green Building Council and the LEED Platinum Certification is the highest attainable certification.

“We are proud to have constructed such a beautiful yet environmentally conscious home and are thrilled about the savings the homeowner will enjoy for years to come,” said Kevin Johnson, Vice President of Business Development. “In five or ten years these energy efficiencies will be standard construction practices, but for the time being, we are thrilled to be viewed as pioneers in our industry”.

Visit for more information on Mark Johnson Custom Homes and The Primrose at Landfall. Visit and for information on the award winners and a slide show on each winning project.

About Mark Johnson Custom Homes, Inc

Mark Johnson Custom Homes is a family owned small business, licensed unlimited builder that focuses on new residential custom home construction. We have excelled in custom home building, multi-family construction, concrete construction, LEED for Homes Platinum, energy efficient/sustainable remodels and renovations. We have been recognized nationally and locally for our craftsmanship, safety and “Green” initiatives.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, and 100% of our past clients eagerly refer us to friends and family because we ensure that every client has:

  • A Professional and Courteous Staff
  • Web-Based Tools That Keep Them “In the Know”
  • Detailed Plans That Eliminates Timely and Costly Mistakes
  • A Knowledgeable Team of Trusted Trade Partners and Associates
  • The Use of the Latest Technologies Available

Above and Beyond EnergyJacksonville, NC custom home builder Mark Johnson Custom Homes encourages all of our readers to understand why energy efficient homes are important to the environment, human health and land resources. When building our Energy Star home in Wilmington, NC we utilized the services of Above and Beyond Energy in Wilmington, NC, a third-party independent company that strives to help homeowners minimize their home’s carbon footprint through improved efficiency and durability.

We’d also like to share a recent article from the U.S. Green Building Council’s Green Home Guide by Wisconsin Green Building Alliance member Tate Walker in which he outlined the reasons homeowners should be aware of energy efficiencies. Below are the points he addressed and to read the complete article, click here!

What are the environmental costs of energy waste in U.S. homes?
Can you scale the big picture down to the homeowner’s perspective?
What are the health benefits of more energy-efficient homes?
What are some of your favorite innovations or design ideas for energy efficiency?
What got you interested in green remodeling?

EPAJacksonville, NC new home builder Mark Johnson Custom Homes has had experience building Green homes in North Carolina. Our Energy Star home in Wilmington, NC received the highest LEED for Homes certification from the U.S. Green Building Council earlier this year. But it seems the Energy Star Program, which is overseen by the Environmental Protection Agency, has received criticism lately for not keeping up with the latest in energy efficiency improvements. According to a Custom Home Online article by Stephani L. Miller, the EPA has promised to strengthen its program to maintain its benchmarking role. Below is an excerpt and to read the complete article, click here!

 “EPA will implement several enhancements to the Energy Star products program that ultimately will benefit consumers, including:

  • Setting specifications that will ensure consistent application of the Energy Star logo to identify the top 25 percent most-efficient products within a category.
  • Expanding product coverage to include new consumer product categories that have high energy-saving potential.
  • Increasing verification of compliance with program requirements and improving efforts to identify and address product performance issues. All products will be required to submit product performance testing results to EPA from an accredited laboratory before a product can be qualified under Energy Star.
  • Implementing measures that will ensure Energy Star performance specifications are tightened as necessary so that the program consistently represents top-performing products and doesn’t fall behind performance improvements in the marketplace.
  • Developing an Energy Super Star program as a higher performance tier within the Energy Star program to help consumers more easily identify the top-performing products within a category. The Super Star tier will comprise approximately 5 percent of products within a category and will include advanced technologies and products that have a longer payback period than those qualified under the main Energy Star program.”

Mark Johnson Custom Homes invites local Wilmington, NC government officials to learn about sustainable building techniques

IMGP3632_r02 (Small)Brunswick County, NC home builder Mark Johnson Custom Homes was recently featured in the Greater Wilmington Business Journal highlighting an open house for their Energy Star Home in Wilmington, NC. Local Wilmington, NC government officials were invited to learn more about sustainable energy and Green technologies in hopes to generate the building of more Green homes in New Hanover County. Below is an excerpt from the article by Alison Satake and Valerie Carr, and to read the complete article, click here!

“After attaining the highest LEED ranking for Green building, the new Birkdale home in Landfall may set a precedent for more Green building incentives.

…Local representatives from the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority, the Greater Wilmington Chamber of Commerce, and New Hanover County commissioners [were] invited to the new home to hear how incentives, such as a rebate on permits for Green homes, could spur Green building in the area.

In June, the state legislature passed Senate Bill 52, which allows all North Carolina cities and counties to develop incentives for buildings that reduce energy consumption. Wilmington and the surrounding counties met last week to discuss preliminarily what would work here.”

Jacksonville, NC custom home builder Mark Johnson Custom Homes utilizes an Internet-based tool to keep clients up-to-date on the progress of their home building via an electronic concierge. To view the Client Progress Portal of our Energy Star home in Wilmington, NC, click here and enter the Username 51 and Password 2009.

CPP log in stillMark Johnson Custom Homes, a family-owned and operated business, takes an innovative approach to the complex process of home building. The company’s Internet-based tool, the Client Progress Portal, allows homeowners to log on to the company’s website to receive full access to the progress of the building of their home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This client-focused website, developed in collaboration with Provis Media Group, LLC, serves as an electronic concierge to homeowners and prospective clients.

“We are very excited about our Client Progress Portal,” said Mark Johnson, President and Founder of Mark Johnson Custom Homes. “We believe that the tool’s innovation and creativity will set the experience of building a new home with our company apart from other builders. Our company relies on the efficiencies of technology to keep our customers and trade partners up to speed on our progress. In our dynamic industry, change is constant and updates need to be communicated to the homeowners. Streamlining the vital aspects of the home building process will keep our projects on schedule.”

At the start of the building process, MJCH clients receive a unique user ID and password to access the Client Progress Portal, allowing them to be involved in every step of their new home or renovation project. The Client Progress Portal provides pertinent information to the homeowner, including construction schedules, current photos of the client’s home, change orders, site plans, plan design and a customer care request form.

Mark Johnson Custom Homes’ commitment to their clients does not end at the closing table.  Homeowners can continue to access the Client Progress Portal for warranty requests, documentation, and tips for home maintenance well after they have moved into their new home.

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Mahfood had this to say in regards to the Client Progress Portal: “The Client Progress Portal on Mark Johnson Custom Homes’ website was extremely valuable in the construction of our home.  Residing in Ohio and not being able to travel to Wilmington frequently, the website enabled us to see the continual progression of the house. Mark Johnson Custom Homes’ investment in the Client Progress Portal made the construction process a very enjoyable experience.”