Previously, Landfall custom home builder Mark Johnson Custom Homes introduced our readers to two series of Energy Star certified Bosch Appliances – the 800 Plus Series Dishwasher and Vision Washer and Dryer. Now we’d like to highlight the Evolution 800 Series Refrigerator. Complete with a door alarm to notify you if the door was accidentally left ajar, the Evolution has external temperature controls which allow you to make adjustments (such as changing the temperature, locking the icemaker, etc.) without having to open the door. This ensures the inside of your refrigerator maintains a constant temperature and keeps food fresher longer. And because it’s Energy Star Qualified you are guaranteed that it will minimize energy use and maximize efficiency, which will reduce energy bills and help protect the environment. Visit their website for more informaton on the Evolution and other energy-efficient appliances!

Energy Star Bosch Appliances were used in our LEED Platinum Green home in Wilmington, NC. Click here to watch an HD video on the home and learn about its Green features!

Landfall luxury builder Mark Johnson Custom Homes has experience with Energy Star Appliances – we used them in our Energy Star Certified home in Wilmington, NC! And we’d like to keep our readers informed on the latest developments for Energy Star windows, doors and skylights. As of January 4th, 2010 they will need to meet new performance levels. It will still be easy to find these high-efficiency products: just look for the ENERGY STAR label. And remember, Energy Star qualified windows, doors and skylights reduce energy bills by about 7-24 percent, increase comfort, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to achieve precisely the look you’re after. For more information on the new requirements, product benefits, federal tax credits, FAQ’s and more, visit their website!

EPAJacksonville, NC new home builder Mark Johnson Custom Homes has had experience building Green homes in North Carolina. Our Energy Star home in Wilmington, NC received the highest LEED for Homes certification from the U.S. Green Building Council earlier this year. But it seems the Energy Star Program, which is overseen by the Environmental Protection Agency, has received criticism lately for not keeping up with the latest in energy efficiency improvements. According to a Custom Home Online article by Stephani L. Miller, the EPA has promised to strengthen its program to maintain its benchmarking role. Below is an excerpt and to read the complete article, click here!

 “EPA will implement several enhancements to the Energy Star products program that ultimately will benefit consumers, including:

  • Setting specifications that will ensure consistent application of the Energy Star logo to identify the top 25 percent most-efficient products within a category.
  • Expanding product coverage to include new consumer product categories that have high energy-saving potential.
  • Increasing verification of compliance with program requirements and improving efforts to identify and address product performance issues. All products will be required to submit product performance testing results to EPA from an accredited laboratory before a product can be qualified under Energy Star.
  • Implementing measures that will ensure Energy Star performance specifications are tightened as necessary so that the program consistently represents top-performing products and doesn’t fall behind performance improvements in the marketplace.
  • Developing an Energy Super Star program as a higher performance tier within the Energy Star program to help consumers more easily identify the top-performing products within a category. The Super Star tier will comprise approximately 5 percent of products within a category and will include advanced technologies and products that have a longer payback period than those qualified under the main Energy Star program.”

St. James Plantation, NC custom home builder Mark Johnson Custom Homes trusts Wilmington, NC’s finest home audio establishment, Electronics2You, with their client’s electronic needs. Mark Johnson Custom Homes and Electronics2You understand that being attentive to the ever-changing electronics industry is the best way to address their client’s needs. Below is an excerpt from an article in this month’s Electronics2You e-newsletter regarding energy-efficient televisions. For more information on Electronics2You, visit their site, sign up for their newsletter, or call them at 910-397-0953.

Energy Star TV“Our TV’s are bound to get much more efficient – starting next year. Energy Star, the voluntary energy-efficiency program run by the United States’ EPA, has released the final specifications for much more stringent energy levels for TV’s starting in May 1, 2010, with even stricter standards to follow on May 1, 2012. TV’s manufactured after those dates must meet the new requirements to bear the Energy Star logo, which signifies a more energy-efficient product.

The new specs for TV’s, called versions 4.0 and 5.0, respectively, are focused mainly around on-mode power consumption. The current Energy Star 3.0 specification that went into effect in November 2008 was the first to require TVs to meet maximum on-mode power consumption levels, though most TV’s in the market met the standard and the specification has been considered too lenient.

According to Energy Star, ‘TV’s qualifying for Energy Star under the Version 4.0 specification will offer consumers a savings of more than 40 percent. When the Version 5.0 specification goes into effect, Energy Star-qualified TV’s will be as much as 65 percent more efficient than models currently on the market.’”