Landfall Green home builder Mark Johnson Custom Homes is excited to share a new website from Team Strickland at Coldwell Banker Seacoast Realty for our LEED Platinum Green Home in Landfall. This ICF home in Wilmington, NC is Energy Star certified and the LEED Platinum rating is the highest attainable rating for a home from the U.S. Green Building Council. This is the first LEED Platinum home in Wilmington, NC so out of all of the current Wilmington, NC homes for sale, this is the “Greenest” by USGBC standards! Visit for detailed information on the home, its Green features, photos and more!

Landfall custom home builder Mark Johnson Custom homes would like to ensure that New Hanover County residents are aware of a new disposal law for paint waste. Below is a statement from the Cape Fear Green Building Alliance’s latest newsletter, and to read their previous newsletters, click here!

“The New Hanover County Department of Environmental Management has implemented a new policy on paint waste. Paint waste is defined as latex and oil-based paints, lacquer thinner, spray paint, paint strippers, mineral spirits, varnishes, wood stains, used brushes and rollers, etc. The new paint waste policy will be as follows:

Homeowners and contractors are instructed to solidify their paint waste by removing the lid and placing it in an open area or by adding an absorbent material such as sawdust, kitty litter, sand, etc. Once the paint waste has been solidified, they should place it in their trash cart or dumpster along with their regular trash. If homeowners or contractors arrive at the Landfill or Wastec facility with solidified paint waste for disposal, they will be charged the current tip fee for municipal solid waste. If homeowners or contractors arrive at the Landfill with liquid paint waste for disposal they will be directed to the Wastec facility and charged the current tip fee for municipal solid waste. For more information, call 910-798-4400.”