Making Your Home More Appealing on a BudgetIs your home currently on the market? Want to make it more marketable to potential buyers but you’re on a tight budget? Mark Johnson Custom Homes understands that feeling the weight of a home that won’t sell is extremely stressful, and we’d like to share these tips from a recent article by Phoebe Chongchue on how to make your home more attractive while keeping costs down!

The first place to start, and oftentimes the most important place to a potential buyer, is the kitchen. Sprucing up the kitchen can make a huge difference, even if it’s only a fresh coat of paint or replacing the cabinet handles and knobs (both inexpensive jobs). And something that doesn’t cost but helps with the overall look: a clean sink. Never leave dirty dishes in the sink, or as Chongchue puts it: “the way you live in a home is not the way you stage it.”

Secondly, walk through your home and look for any scuff marks or nail holes that can be patched, painted or scrubbed off. With clean walls and baseboards, the entire home will instantly become more attractive. Also, Chonghue recommends you pay close attention to your tub and bathroom floor tile. A good scrubbing or re-grouting can make the overall bathroom look much more appealing.

And finally, do not allow your lawn or plants to suffer because your focus has been on the house itself. A well manicured lawn shows that your home has been taken care of over the years, and that your home is the perfect fit for that potential buyer!

Green Bathroom ArticleCustom home builder Mark Johnson maintains a 100% referral rating by ensuring his clients have a quality, pleasurable home building experience. One part of making sure his clients are fully satisfied is by staying atop the latest building trends, including Green options for custom homes. Research is key for Mark and his team to do this, which is why resourceful articles from websites such as can be so helpful in being certain the clients’ needs are exceeded.

An article posted today from highlighted new design innovations that are becoming more frequent in high-end homes. One such novelty is Active Clean Air and Antibacterial Ceramic Tiles by Savoia Canada, which use titanium dioxide and sunlight to clean the air of harmful pollutants. Kohler Canada introduced a series of waterless urinals and toilets for your home that feature a control for water temperature, heated seats, a deodorizing function and more. And Broad-Nutone’s Humidity Sensing Fans automatically turn on the bathroom fan by monitoring the humidity levels in the bathroom.

For more information on these and other bathroom trends, read the complete Realty Times article by Jim Adair!