St. James Plantation, NC home builder Mark Johnson Custom Homes knows that energy bills can get pricy in the winter months.  These cold-weather tips, courtesy of Progress Energy, are great ways to keep energy costs down:

Keep the thermostat on your heating system at the lowest comfortable setting. Progress Energy recommends a setting of 68 to 70 during the day and 60 to 65 at night.

Check filters at least monthly and clean or change them as needed. Dirty filters can increase operating costs by 20 percent and can damage equipment.

Use insulated or heavy curtains on windows facing the north side of the house. Keep curtains and shades closed at night and on cloudy days.

Caulk any space around windows and other places where air leaks to prevent cold drafts and heat escape.

If your home has a fireplace, be sure the damper fits tightly, and close it when the fireplace is not in use. Add a glass fireplace screen.

Use microwave ovens whenever possible. They use less than half the power of a conventional oven.

Whenever possible, wash full loads in the dishwasher and clothes washing machine, rather than partial loads.

Take short showers instead of tub baths and install a flow restrictor or energy-saving shower head.

Look for EnergyGuide labels on most major home appliances. The more efficient models save you money in the long run.

Courtesy of: Progress Energy

Chocolate DrizzleSt James Plantation NC remodeler Mark Johnson Custom Homes recommends those in the Cape Fear area to attend the Wilmington Chocolate Festival, which kicks off Friday, February 5th, 2010 with the annual Chocolate Gala. This promises to be one of the area’s most fun Galas of the year. It’s also a great value at only $25 in advance. Friday’s Chocolate Gala features wonderful appetizers and hors d’oeuvres, free wine tastings, artisan beers, live music, and of course the “Unlimited Chocolates and Desserts”!  The following Saturday and Sunday will be a business showcase of proprietors in our area who make or sell chocolates and other sweet treats. The Festival also includes “Spotlights,” exhibitor’s demonstrations of their techniques involved in creating their chocolate delights! Tickets for Saturday and Sunday are $5 in advance or $8 at the door. The weekend’s events will be at the Senior Center on 2222 S. College Road in Wilmington, NC. For more information, call 910-798-6402 or 910-264-9379 or visit

St. James, NC luxury home builder Mark Johnson Custom Homes is excited to share that the town of St. James will be breaking ground on a new town hall and community center expected to be completed in August 2010. Teresa A. McLamb of the Greater Wilmington Business Journal covered the story last week; below is an excerpt from her article and to read more, click here!

 “[Walt] Madsen said the town purchased the 13-acre tract from Brunswick County in 2007 for $490,000. About six acres of the tract is wetland. The remaining seven acres will be home to an 8,200-square-foot town hall and a 13,560-square-foot community center. Standing side-by-side, the single story buildings will be connected by a 30’ x 50’ pavilion that can be used for outdoor events.

The town hall layout includes a lobby, council chambers, town offices and separate offices that will be leased to the St. James POA.

The community center will have a large assembly room that can seat 385 for dinner or 730 people in theater style. It will also house a craft room, three meeting rooms, a catering kitchen and the director’s office. Madsen said the town plans to hire a director at the beginning of summer ‘to come on board in the final stages of construction.’ The director will coordinate classes and events in the building.”

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St. James Plantation, NC custom home builder Mark Johnson Custom Homes encourages our readers to view recently uploaded photos of our projects, both past and present, on our Flickr and Facebook Fan pages. View our Photo Sets on Flickr, including our luxury homes in Wilmington and Hampstead, NC. And become a Facebook Fan of Mark Johnson Custom Homes to not only view photos, including our LEED Platinum Green home in Landfall, but keep up with the latest Mark Johnson Custom Homes news!

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Previously we blogged on the highly anticipated grand opening of the new theatre in Brunswick County, Playhouse 211. Now St. James Plantation, NC custom home builder Mark Johnson Custom Homes would like to update our readers on Playhouse 211, as posted by the Wilmington Star News late last week. It seems zoning issues will delay the opening until possibly October 2010. Click here to read the complete article and we will be sure to keep our readers updates on Playhouse 211 as the information is available!

Moving With Your Pet

January 15th, 2010

St. James Plantation, NC luxury home builder Mark Johnson Custom Homes would like to share some important tips for pet owners when moving into a new home. The American Humane Association compiled the six tips below to help make the move as easy as possible for you and your furry friend and to read more of their pet care tips, click here!  

  • Prior to moving day, make sure your pets are fitted with collars and ID tags with your name and current cell-phone number. Microchipping is also recommended and will serve as a backup if your pet loses its collar.
  • If your pet is prone to car sickness, make sure you visit your veterinarian a few weeks prior to your move to get any prescribed medications and feeding recommendations.
  • For long-distance moves, be sure to identify pet-friendly hotels along your route and reserve rooms ahead of time. For a list of pet-friendly hotels, see or
  • On moving day, make sure your pets are secured in a crate or closed room of your house or apartment until you are ready to load them into your car. The activities and sounds of moving day will be frightening to your pets, so it is important that they be kept in a secure area to reduce their stress as much as possible and to prevent an accidental escape.
  • Always transport cats, small dogs and other small animals in a secure, well-ventilated pet carrier. Keep larger dogs leashed and under control at all times. The stress of a move can cause even the most obedient dog to run away in unfamiliar surroundings. NEVER transport any pet in an open truck bed, trunk of a car or storage area of a moving van.
  • For long-distance moves, make sure you give your pet potty breaks and fresh water whenever you stop for a break yourself. Make sure pets are leashed at all times during potty breaks.

St. James Plantation, NC remodeler Mark Johnson Custom Homes encourages our readers to take advantage of the on and off-shore fishing in the Lower Cape Fear area! Whether you prefer striped bass, king mackerel, tuna or wahoo, there is a place for you to fish on the North Carolina Southeast coast. The Insider’s Guide website has all the information you’ll need, including getting your license, fishing tournaments, local excursions, helpful links and more!

St. James Plantation, NC custom home builder and Cape Fear Green Building Alliance member Mark Johnson Custom Homes encourages our readers to sign up for the CFGBA’s e-newsletter! This month’s newsletter articles included the Cape Fear Audubon Bird-Friendly Habitat Award Program, a Hampstead, NC doctor opting for a solar powered office, the upcoming Go Green Expo and Mark Johnson Custom Homes’ own First Citizens Bank Customer Service Award. Below is the article on our customer service award and to read the complete newsletter, click here! 

“Southeastern North Carolina custom home builder and remodeler Mark Johnson Custom Homes was awarded the 2009 First Citizens Bank Customer Service Award. Judged by a panel of business professionals from the Greater Wilmington Chamber of Commerce, the award was established by First Citizens Bank to recognize companies that go above and beyond customer expectations in delivering service. Winners were recognized at the Greater Wilmington Chamber of Commerce’s 3rd Annual Business Achievement Awards ceremony on Thursday, December 10th, 2009 in downtown Wilmington, NC.

Mark Johnson Custom Homes is a business member of the Cape Fear Green Building Alliance.”

The Earth Advantage Institute has released their list of the Top Ten Green Building Trends for 2010 and St. James Plantation, NC new home builder Mark Johnson Custom Homes would like to share them with our readers! Below is the list and to read each in more detail, click here!

  • The smart grid and connected home.
  • Energy labeling for homes and office buildings.
  • Building information modeling (BIM) software.
  • Buy-in to green building by the financial community.
  • “Rightsizing” of homes.
  • Eco-districts.
  • Water conservation.
  • Carbon Calculation.
  • Net Zero Buildings.
  • Sustainable building education.

St. James Plantation, NC Green home builder Mark Johnson Custom Homes would like to share this extremely informative report from the National Association of Home Builders. Prepared by the Economics Group of the NAHB, the “Study of Life Expectancy of Home Components” examines the 25 components of a home listed below and gives the average life expectancy of each. To read the complete report, click here!

  1. Appliances
  2. Cabinetry and Storage
  3. Concrete and Masonry
  4. Countertops
  5. Decks
  6. Doors
  7. Electrical and Lighting
  8. Engineered Lumber
  9. Faucet and Fixtures
  10. Flooring
  11. Footings and Foundations
  12. Framing and Other Structural Systems
  13. Garages
  14. Home Technology
  15. HVAC
  16. Insulation and Infiltration Barriers
  17. Jobsite Equipment
  18. Molding and Millwork
  19. Paint, Caulks and Adhesives
  20. Panels
  21. Roofing
  22. Siding and Accessories
  23. Site and Landscaping
  24. Walls, Ceilings and Finishes
  25. Windows and Skylights