In a previous blog post, Mark Johnson Custom Homes introduced our readers to The Energy Detective (TED) , the latest in energy monitoring systems for your home. TED was essential in giving their Green home in Landfall in Wilmington, NC a LEED Platinum rating, the highest rating of a Green home by the U.S. Green Building Council and certifying it as an Energy Star home. As emphasized previously by Mark Johnson Custom Homes and in a recent article by Stephani L. Miller of, installing an energy monitor alone will not lead to utility savings. There are two key points that must be addressed regarding the system you’re installing and its daily use.

First, the energy monitoring system must provide essential data to the homeowner that will result in behavioral changes. Real-time data that is useful to the homeowner is a must, whether it’s in table or chart form, or includes tips on how to manage your home’s energy consumption. And secondly, the information must prompt the homeowner to implement behavioral changes. Changing your behavior is the most effective method in energy savings and according to Miller’s report, many of the latest monitoring systems do not provide the proper information for homeowners. The Mark Johnson Custom Homes team is proud to announce that TED provides real-time information in an easy to use format, therefore increasing your annual energy savings!  

Energy Monitoring System

If you live in the Wilmington, NC area and would like more information on The Energy Detective, contact Electronics 2 You, a trusted member of the Mark Johnson Custom Homes team and one of Coastal Carolina’s finest home audio establishments.