wilmington nc home builderMark Johnson Custom Homes is one of the few home builders in Wilmington, NC that are a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist. The certification is a National Home Builders Association program that focuses on home modifications that will allows elderly or handicapped homeowners to stay in their homes. The program also is aimed at to help middle age homeowners planning for their parents and themselves.

On average, people live three years longer if they stay in their own home, they are happier and save money. And most adults prefer aging-in-place. “A Report to the National Livable Communities: Creative Environments for Successful Aging” found that 90% of adults 65 years old and older would prefer to stay in their current residence as they age.

Mark Johnson Custom Homes analyzes individual homeowner’s needs with occupational and physical therapists, who work with the homeowner’s doctors,  to create a plan of action. With a focused approach and innovative designs, the integrity of the home stays intact, allowing these homes to feel more like their homes, rather than a an assisted living facility. The growing number of candidates for aging-in-place is growing in Wilmington and its surrounding areas, which is why this topic has been featured in a recent Lumina News article.

Accommodating a handicapped or elderly homeowner is so much more than wider doorways or handicapped bars. It’s all about learning more about the clients’ needs and planning for the future. For more information on aging-in-place home renovations, contact us today!